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General AttributesGeneral Attributes: 

Title Samsung SM-A750F Galaxy A7 2018 Android 10 OTA System Update
Released 2020 Mar 13
Version XXU4CTBC
Author Samsung
Category:   ROM Update

Additional InformationAdditional Information: 

Software version: A750FXXU4CTBC
Security patch level: March 1, 2020
Android version: 10
One UI version: 2.0

1336.49 Mbyte

Icons and colors
- Clearer app icons and system colors.
- Improved layouts for titles and buttons to eliminate wasted screen space.

Dark Mode
- Enhanced image, text, and color adjustments for day and night environments.
- Darkened wallpapers, widgets, and alarms while Dark mode is on.

Smoother animations
- Enhanced animations with a playful touch.

Full screen gestures
- Added new navigation gestures.

Refined interactions
- Navigate more comfortably on large screens with minimal finger movement.
- Easily focus on what matters with clearly highlighted buttons.

One-handed mode
- New ways to access One-handed mode: double tap the Home button or swipe down in the center of the bottom of the screen.
- Settings moved to Settings Advanced features One-handed mode.

- High contrast keyboards and layouts for large text have been improved.
- Listen to live speech and display it as text.

Better text over wallpapers
- See text more clearly against wallpaper, as One Ul 2 automatically adjusts font colors based on light and dark areas and color contrast in the image below.

Geographical AttributesGeographical Attributes: 
Language:   Multiple languages
Countries Where Available:   Austria , Belgium , Bulgaria , Croatia , Czech Republic , Denmark , Finland , France , Greece , Germany , Hungary , India , Indonesia , Ireland , Israel , Italy , Latvia , Malaysia , Myanmar , Netherlands , Norway , Pakistan , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Russia , Saudi Arabia , Serbia , Singapore , Slovakia , Slovenia , South Africa , Spain , Sri Lanka , Sweden , Switzerland , Thailand , Turkey , Emirates (UAE)United Arab Emirates (UAE) , UKUnited Kingdom (UK) , Ukraine , Vietnam
Regions Where Available:   Africa , Asia , Eastern Europe , Europe , Middle East Western Asia and Northern Africa , Southeast Asia , Western Europe

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