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OS Specs: Add datasheets to the comparison

Find datasheets to be compared around the site while browsing, querying or searching OS Specs or review the list below. Use "Add to the comparison" button at the bottom of any opsys list boxes or datasheets then click on the appropriate header "Compare" button if more than one items have been already added.

Google Android 14  (Upside Down Cake)
2023 Oct 4, Android family, x86, ARM, x86-64, ARM-64 (ARMv8) instruction set, Updated customization picker makes it easier to switch between wallpapers and update what you want to see at a glance. You can now set custom lock screen shortcuts, like QR reader or the Google Home app, so you have quick, one-tap access to your most used controls directly.. | All detailsAll details | Add this item to the comparisonAdd to compare

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