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LTE smart watches on the market

Samsung SM-R765F Gear S3 Frontier LTE, Huawei Watch 2 4G Edition TD-LTE LEO-DLXX (Huawei Leo), LG W281 Watch Sport LTE, Apple Watch Series 3 38mm LTE EU APAC A1889 / A1969 (Apple Watch 3,1), Apple Watch Series 3 42mm LTE EU APAC A1891 / A1972 (Apple Watch 3,2)

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Apple iPhone X regional variants

Apple iPhone X A1865 TD-LTE 256GB / iPhone Ten (Apple iPhone 10,3), Apple iPhone X A1901 TD-LTE 256GB (Apple iPhone 10,6), Apple iPhone X A1902 TD-LTE JP 256GB (Apple iPhone 10,3)

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Differences between global dual SIM variants of Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro

Huawei Mate 10 Dual SIM TD-LTE ALP-L29 (Huawei Alps), Huawei Mate 10 Pro Premium Edition Dual SIM TD-LTE BLA-L29 (Huawei Blanc)

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The latest smartphones with dual lens selfie camera

Alcatel Flash 2017 Dual SIM TD-LTE EMEA (TCL FL03), GiONEE Elife S10 Dual SIM TD-LTE, BBK Vivo X9s Dual SIM TD-LTE 64GB, BBK Vivo X9s Plus Dual SIM TD-LTE 64GB, Asus ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro Global Dual SIM TD-LTE ZD552KL, Asus ZenFone 4 Selfie Global Dual SIM TD-LTE ZD553KL, Huawei Nova 2i Dual SIM TD-LTE RNE-L22 / Honor 9i RNE-LX2 (Huawei Rhone)

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iPhone 8 Series vs. iPhone 7 Series

Apple iPhone 7 Plus A1661 TD-LTE 256GB (Apple iPhone 9,2), Apple iPhone 7 Plus A1784 TD-LTE 256GB (Apple iPhone 9,4), Apple iPhone 7 A1660 TD-LTE 256GB (Apple iPhone 9,1), Apple iPhone 7 A1778 TD-LTE 256GB (Apple iPhone 9,3), Apple iPhone 8 A1863 TD-LTE 256GB (Apple iPhone 10,1), Apple iPhone 8 A1905 TD-LTE 256GB (Apple iPhone 10,4), Apple iPhone 8 Plus A1897 TD-LTE 256GB (Apple iPhone 10,5)

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Samsung Galaxy S8+ variants

Samsung SM-G955F Galaxy S8+ TD-LTE / Galaxy S8 Plus (Samsung Dream 2), Samsung SM-G9558 Galaxy S8+ TD-LTE 128GB (Samsung Dream 2), Samsung SM-G955W Galaxy S8+ TD-LTE / SM-G955W8 (Samsung Dream 2), Samsung SM-G955N Galaxy S8+ TD-LTE 128GB (Samsung Dream 2), Samsung SM-G9550 Galaxy S8+ Duos TD-LTE 128GB (Samsung Dream 2), Samsung SM-G955D Galaxy S8+ TD-LTE SC-03J / SGH-N206 (Samsung Dream 2), Samsung SM-G955J Galaxy S8+ WiMAX 2+ SCV35 (Samsung Dream 2), Samsung SM-G955FD Galaxy S8+ Duos TD-LTE 128GB (Samsung Dream 2)

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Samsung Galaxy S8 variants

Samsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 TD-LTE (Samsung Dream), Samsung SM-G9500 Galaxy S8 Duos TD-LTE (Samsung Dream), Samsung SM-G950W Galaxy S8 TD-LTE / SM-G950W8 (Samsung Dream), Samsung SM-G950U Galaxy S8 TD-LTE (Samsung Dream), Samsung SM-G9508 Galaxy S8 Duos 4G+ (Samsung Dream), Samsung SM-G950D Galaxy S8 TD-LTE SC-02J / SGH-N171 (Samsung Dream), Samsung SM-G950J Galaxy S8 WiMAX 2+ SCV36 (Samsung Dream), Samsung SM-G950N Galaxy S8 TD-LTE (Samsung Dream 2), Samsung SM-G950FD Galaxy S8 Duos TD-LTE (Samsung Dream)

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Elegant smartwatches on the market

Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen 2015 Men 46mm Smart Watch 360L, Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen 2015 Men 42mm Smart Watch 360S, LG W200 Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE, TAG Heuer Carrera Connected 46 Smartwatch, Fossil Q Founder Smart Watch, Huawei Watch Jewel W1 44mm / Watch Elegant (Huawei Mercury), Apple Watch Series 2 38mm A1757 (Apple Watch 2,3), Apple Watch Series 2 42mm A1758 (Apple Watch 2,4), Samsung SM-R775S Gear S3 Classic LTE

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