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Title Texas Instruments OMAP2430
Version N/A
Released 2006 Jan 12
Category:   Technical datasheet
Author Texas Instruments
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The new OMAP2430 processor from Texas Instruments (TI) delivers a new
level of multimedia performance to third-generation (3G) mobile phones and
other handheld systems. Leveraging TI’s proven OMAP™ 2 architecture, the
OMAP2430 features an advanced imaging, video and audio accelerator (IVA™ 2)
that provides a 4X improvement in video processing and 1.5X improvement in
image processing over previously available solutions for mobile phones. The
processor’s high video performance enables advanced codec algorithms that
promote higher compression ratios allowing networks to support more data,
bringing down costs for service providers and allowing them to deploy revenuegenerating
services such as mobile digital TV and mobile-to-mobile gaming.
Support for these services, plus high-resolution, high-speed decode of
standard video compression algorithms, brings a TV-like viewing quality and the
familiar features of consumer electronics to mobile communications. The
OMAP2430 is optimized for the complex applications characteristic of 3G wireless
communications. Offering even higher performance than first-generation
OMAP 2 processors while at a lower cost, the OMAP2430 processor provides the
ultimate balance between multimedia performance, flexibility, power and cost.

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